Museo de los Abuelos Sauza

Museo de Los Abuelos

Early XIX Century

In this former home was born Francisco Javier Sauza, grandson of Cenobio Sauza, the founder of tequila Sauza. The family dedicated their former townhouse on the city plaza as a museum to promote the history of tequila and recall the history of one of tequila’s most important producers.
This place is now called Museum de los Abuelos grandfathers, which refers to the family’s forefathers, Cenobio, his son Eladio and his grandson Francisco Javier. Some of the rooms are furnished with antique furniture to recreate the appearance of a country estate home of the XIX century. The main rooms display antique distillery equipment, bottles, labels, certificates and awards that help visitors understand the history of this important tequila family. Also exibited are original pictures of historical interest about Mexico, the family and tequila. Another part of the house is dedicated to the television series Noches Tapatias, which was an important medium for promotion of popular Mexican music, sposored by Francisco Javier Sauza.”


This story is taken word by word from the City sign at the right of the main entrance of the Museum .

Note: There is a cover charge of 10.00 pesos less than a US dollar. Francisco was a very good friend of John Wayne, you will see his pictures and letters as well.


Note from the Author: There is much more history on the small Sauza family owned distillery where all their tequila products are hand made, the only distillery where everything is still done as it was 140 years ago, you will find them under the Distillery Section of this book.


A note from Sr. Guillermo Sauza on Mar. 2011. “The museum was my Tatarabuelo’s or Great-Great Granfather’s home, Cenobio Sauza, his son, my Bisabuelo, Eladio was born here in 1883. Don Francisco Javier was born on one of the seven Haciendas that Cenobio Sauza had at the time. La Labor, in Tocolotlan, in 1903. The museum and their distillery is managed by the fifth Generation, tequila maker, Guillermo.”